With Travel Pass Nordland you get access to all of our 440 buses and 28 speedboats for seven days. The county of Nordland covers 25 percent of Norway's coastline. With Travel Pass Nordland you can access many of our beautiful fjords, mountains and islands for seven days for 990 NOK.


Discover Nordland

Travel Pass Nordland gives you the benefit of travelling with our buses and express boats* for seven days throughout Nordland. The card can be purchased in our app Billett Nordland and on board all our buses and express boats for 990 NOK. Children under the age of 16 for 495 NOK.

*Ferries not included


Letter home

Travel Pass Nordland is illustrated with the painting «Letter Home» made by Norwegian artist Eva Harr. «The image and the title Letter home is a metaphor and a summary of the old world in Nordland that is disappearing», says Harr.

See more of Eva Harrs work at www.evaharr.no.



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